Our approach to Maintenance

 When considering the purchase of an investment property, three gauges immediately come up as key for a successful investment: vacancy rates, interest rates and general expenses.
As one of the leading property management companies in Adelaide, we take a holistic approach to property management. We will manage your property as an investment, not just manage your tenants.

Our Property Management philosophy is to manage each property as a business investment, by making sure you are receiving the highest return, having the most suitable tenants living in your property and making sure that your property is maintained and its value will continue to grow.

This is why we keep a tight control on all your property expenses. Some are periodic and easier to budget for, such as council rates, water rates, insurance, strata and community title fees to name a few.
Others are more difficult to be anticipated and they become part of the risks associated in owning an investment property.

Landlord’s insurance is one strategy that can and should be used to minimise large out of pocket expenses, but there are times when preventive or remedial maintenance services are required.
If there is ever the need of maintenance services, we have a large scope of on call tradespeople.
We will also assess what kind of work needs to be done. We understand that we do not need to send a plumber to replace a washer in a dripping tap. We can use the services of our handyman for that with much lower hourly rates.

We will carefully consider what needs to be done and call a plumber if that is the case, but not before the problem has been properly diagnosed first. We will then consult with our Landlords on how to proceed.
We do not have a one-size –fits-all approach.