Why use our services

The heart of our property management philosophy is consistent, frequent and timely communication with both tenants and landlords. From marketing your property, screening and selecting quality tenants, maintaining your property and managing all the frustration of arrears and court appearances (if necessary), we offer the most complete range of services available.

    • Experience
    • Communication
    • Quality Service
    • Finding the best tenant
Our Property Management team is amongst the most experienced in Adelaide and consistently provide our landlords with expert service and low vacancy rates. With 80+ years experience in Adelaide Property Management , our team is one of the most experienced group of property managers in South Austalia. Prevention is better than cure. Problems will come up from time to time during the lease. The weather and other uncontrollable or unforeseeable factors can bring some challenges. At those times, having an experienced property management team managing your property can save you money and headaches. Adelaide Residential Rentals manage the problems and supervise the work on your behalf, saving you time, money and in some cases, legal risk.

Clear communication is the primary and major tool in property management. Communication and respect can resolve many conflicts even before they start. The heart of our property  management philosophy is consistent, frequent and timely communication with both tenants and landlords. If you ask family and friends, almost everyone will have a horror story about a property manager or tenant from hell. Most of the time, the cause of these problems and stress to all parties involved isn't the property itself, but the people involved. Adelaide Residential Rentals believe that managing property is managing people as much as maintaining the dwelling. Our property managers are experienced staff with plenty of people skills. We ensure that both Landlords and tenants have access to our property managers at all times. We have emergency lines for tenants and agreements with every Landlord as how to proceed in case of emergencies. Our tenants can contact us by phone, mobile or email, making it easy for them to get the priority service they need.   

Quality Service
Hiring a good Property Manager is an investment. Our fees are in most cases tax deductible. Adelaide Residential Rentals is continually monitoring the market to make sure you get best possible rent from your property. This means we are actively looking after your interests, providing a personalised service. Adelaide Residential Rentals use state of the art Property Management software, where we can record all events to a property. We record and schedule inspections, record inspections finings, store all bills and accounts electronically and update all contacts centrally. Information is always correctly stored and shared consistently across team members. We are so confident that we offer outstanding Property Management services in Adelaide that you may cancel our management agreement anytime. The blend of expertise, experience and the range of services Adelaide Residential Rentals offer is what makes our services unique and the best around.

Finding the Best Tenant

A good tenant is good income for your property. A good tenant means money in the landlord's pocket and money saved from property damage and legal expenses. We have an excellent track record in placing good tenants in our properties. We have a comprehensive application and screening process, backed by our membership to the TICA National Database. The TICA National database is a control system that allows members to share information about a tenant's history. The information recorded in the database has to be substantiated before submitted. Membership to the database is restricted to certified Property Management agencies. But more than a database search, our recommendation of tenant also considers reference checks, face to face interviews and all the documentation check necessary. We can't guarantee that this process is 100% fail proof, as all human relationships are fundamentally unpredictable. But we can guarantee that we will use all our resources and expertise to make the best recommendation.

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